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Commute Experience

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Our Services

We have built easy to use services that enhances the seamless commuting of users. Our user friendly features will get you addicted to our platform.

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Drive to your destination in your car but don't do it alone, help others, make connections and make money in the process. Set trips and allow users that are going to similar destinations join your ride.

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Join Ride

Reach your destination faster, easier and comfortably. Join a ride going to your similar destination, connect with others and enjoy your highly affordable trip. Carl has put in place maximum security for your next trip.

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Lease a Car

Why would you stock up your car at home when you can lease it to others and not only make money in the process but also save your car from breakdowns? Register your car for lease and let carl match you with a vetted renter.

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Rent a Car

Car rental is now easier and affordable. Rent an insured car that suites your style wherever you are and whenever you prefer. Rent the car and let carl worry about delivery and servicing.

Reason you would love this

Affordable Commute

Affordability is one of our priorities. We cut your cost of transportation by fifty percent and still give you a wonderful experience. Almost everyday you join endless queue while going to your destination and it is the same hassle when heading home. Carl wants to save your stress, your money, and at the same time give you a secured and comfortable ride. No "conductor problems", No "one chance" and No "overloading".

Earn More Money

Let’s take a look at your typical routine: drive to work, pay for parking, buy gas, repeat. Yes, we know that is a whole lot of cost accummulating and its not sustainable. With Carl, you save money on gas, parking and can even give your car a break if you take turns driving, and most importantly you help and connect with others, afterall we are all social beings.

Reducing Congestion And
Accident Rates

Have you thought about it? For every two people that carpool together, that’s half the number of vehicles on the road. This not only means less congestion to and from work, but it also lowers the risk of accidents. Therefore, the more you carpool, the more time our city saves as a whole. What happens when you end up in a traffic jam, there’s no stress because you have enough freedom. Take this time to get work done, read a book or connect with people.

High Security Guaranteed

Focus on getting to your destination while we focus on securing you through the process. We have built stringent security measures to ensure both drivers and riders are secured at every point in time.

Insured And
Licensed Vehicles

Be rest assured carl covers your insurance if you don't have one. All vehicles on carl have third-party insurance and are licensed.

Reducing Global Warming

Did you know? The average vehicle releases ten thousand pounds of carbon dioxide every year. An overabundance of CO2 in the atmosphere is the leading cause of global warming. We have already experienced the effects of global warm; severe heat waves, acidic rain and others, and it’s only going to get worse. Let's play a part in reducing the number of cars on the road.

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Meet the Team

Naheem Noah

Founder & Software Engineer

A Renowned Software Engineer with broad-based background and application of Software Engineering principles to ensure software adroitness.

Olakunle Temitayo

Co-Founder & UI/UX Designer

A Renowned Software Engineer & Product Designer, focused on solving problem using code and design.

Cynthia Ineh

Co-Founder & Front-end Developer

A Renowned Front-end Developer, focused on building user interfaces, mobile applications and making the web a beautiful place.

Joel Onojason

Co-Founder & Software Engineer

Interested in delivering products that improve lives, when I'm not writing those maintainable codes, I'm putting a smile on someone's face, somewhere. Be Cheerful Always!!!.

Josh Uwagboi

Co-Founder & Business Developer

Developing growth strategies that ensures customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

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